Our Patents

Safety Products are protected by the following patents:

5,655,358, 5,632,137, 5,845,476, 5,644,907, 6,212,914, 6,467,251, 7,111,445, 5,423,168, 7,214,425, 7,770,372, 7,939,686,245418,6,467,251,7,111,445,241840,2004287042,2557142,1718788,1718788,1718788,275634,7,939,686,2596874,10-1226237,272037,7,214,425,7,770,372,345999,2626243,301813,8,875,312,2012244322,2007267662,2647443,348008,583050,2014203041,ZL2016208852042,9,994,  979,8,887,534.

Our pending patents:

US 10/693,971, US 11/251,928, US 11/439,273, US 11/778,340, US 12/134,446, US 12/538,218, US 12/551,736, US 12/685,879,US 14/023,977, WO PCT/US2017/025748 ,US 15/277,420, CN 201620657638.7, US 15/072,904, WO PCT/US2017/022659, CN 201610488108.9, US 29/558,405,KR 2017-0092789, TW 106138340, US 15/277,397, WO PCT/US2017/053689, US 62/563,970,  US 62/617,708 and other US & Foreign Patents Pending.

Micro-Texpur® Antimicrobial Finish is protected by U.S. & Mexico Patent 7,939,686, and other US and Foreign patents pending.

Our trademarks:

Tuff-N-Lite® is a registered trademark of Supreme Corporation. Micro-Texpur® is a registered trademark of Micro-Texpur, LLC.

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Take advantage of our expertise in the design of high-performance yarns. From cut or heat resistant to electrically charged yarns, Supreme will work with our customers in their development of innovative products for their specialty markets.