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January 12, 2019by admin

When you look around at the technology available today, these are things that we saw in sci-fi videos just a few years ago. Technology continues to advance at the speed of light, and the technology trends that are happening in 2019 are even more mind-blowing than what we have seen before. Let’s now go on to look at wearable technology trends you need to look out for in 2019.

Understanding where technology trends are going in 2019 will enable innovators to develop better products for their clients that are waiting for these new and improved products.

1. Smarter Smart Watches

While smartwatches aren’t breaking news, their increase in intelligence is impressive. Smartwatches have made up the majority of the wearable market, but now users are enjoying AI and IoT platform integrations. Around forty-two million smartwatches are sold each year and as time progresses this market is going to keep advancing and impressing its users with the latest and greatest developments.

As IoT-enabled smartwatches increase in usage, the IoT apps will grow as demand increases and are necessary to handle different tasks. Both the home and the workplace are seeing these solutions as a gift of innovation even though some people aren’t ready to see the developments taking over. There are many different tasks that smartwatches can control now which include home lighting, doors on homes and more. Many improvements can be made on smartwatches which leaves a lot of opportunity for developers that want to capitalize on the space.

2. Wireless Ear Buds

Wireless headphones are one thing, but wireless earbuds take it to the next level. More and more phones are ditching the headphone jack so if you want to use earbuds, you are going to have to go wireless.

As you are looking for earbuds that are truly wireless, you might notice that not all of them are created equally. There are problems with connectivity, short battery life, bad sound, and other issues. When you find a good pair of wireless earbuds, you are likely to find a big price tag attached to them, but if they allow you to get the listening experience that you want, it may just be worth it.

3. Smart Rings

If you don’t want to wear technology on your wrist, you can always don it on your finger now. Smart rings can now track your activity, sleep, and heart rate. All of this is accomplished in a single, stylish ring and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Now you can track your health and remain fashionable.

4. Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are going to the next level with fitness monitoring as well as augmented reality to power the next generation of smart eyewear. There are different players in the space that are continuing to push each other to the next level in features and function.

5. Women’s Safety Devices

Most women are at least somewhat worried about their safety when they are alone. Wearable devices for women to feel safer and allow for crime reporting, the ability to fight off attackers and even dealing with the after-effects of assault are now available for use. This technology will play a huge part in social safety.

6. AI In Our Lives

There are great developments in AI which are sure to alter our day to day lives. The recent advancement in cloud computing alone seems to point toward AI helping it’s the users of this technology better use everything from their calendars to managing different aspects of tracking apps.

AI will continue to play a bigger and bigger part in technology as people begin to feel more comfortable with the thought of having AI in their pockets.


How Technology Will Play Into Our Lives

Some people are concerned about how technology is going to play into our lives. They worry it will cause disconnection of humans or that it will cause people to decrease in intelligence. While change may be disarming and cause people a little discomfort initially, the prospects of what this technology will allow for in the future is astounding.

Whether we are looking at the way technology will change our health, relationships or other areas of our lives, the thing we do know is that change is happening. The best thing we can do is continue to watch the trends that are taking place so as change is happening; we are able to keep up with what is going on in the world and maybe even be ahead of the trend.

If you look at technology in the workplace, you will see technology trends in PPE that will allow people to operate safer than it has in years gone by. Wearables will transmit important information that will allow for the implementation of better safety measures, and some wearables will prevent injuries. The applications of technology continue to develop faster than predicted and will continue to do so.


After going through the above technology trends,  your own imagination is likely to take flight. What happens next? What developments are underway that the public at large might not know about? The above wearable tech technologies are likely to stay around for the long haul. Many more advanced versions are likely to come out with upgrades and improvements.

Many people are investing in these products because of their potential for growth, but no one can be sure what is going to happen with a product from one day to the next. While everyone wants to be first, that isn’t always what is most important. What is most important is that you be the best solution and know how to market the products effectively.

If you are on the consumer side of things, make sure to keep in mind that the most widely marketed product isn’t always the best. Watch as developments happen and make your own decisions after trying the products to see which ones work for you. As these trends continue to rise, it is likely that the cream will rise to the top.

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