GPS Enabled Clothes, Gear and Fabrics

Wearable Tech

Movement alerts & GPS tracking. Scout is the first location tracker to offer both Bluetooth LE, GPS & Cellular in a single, smart & mighty device! Scout provides location with Bluetooth.

Real-Time Location

Locate your bike or vehicle in real-time from anywhere in the US using our app. Even if thousands of miles away, Scout provides precise real-time location along with immediate movement and tampering alerts from anywhere mobile service exists.

Keep Track of Your History

Who says you can’t relive the past? Scout remembers its previously tracked locations, so you can view recent trails and related information (such as date & time, speed and more) via the Scout app.

Create Your Own Yarn

Take advantage of our expertise in the design of high-performance yarns. From cut or heat resistant to electrically charged yarns, Supreme will work with our customers in their development of innovative products for their specialty markets.