Bonded Product Code CN AP4 P-155 KS

4 wire copper

This Smart Yarn has four highly conductive copper wires. The wires are also insulated with a coating that easily allows them to be stripped by a flame for easy soldering. This yarn is great for prototyping or heating because if used in a sewing machine you have a total of 8 wires conductive wires.  However, if you are sending signal you may experience a problem known as “cross talk” or increased noise to signal ratio.  In that case we recommend our “Smoke” yarn.

Bonded Specifications

  • Diameter — 0.01016”
  • Mm – 0.258064
  • Denier – 1461
  • Decitex – 1624
  • Resistance (Ohms) Per Meter – 2.4898

Non-Bonded Specifications

  • Diameter – 0.00933”
  • Mm – 0.220000
  • Denier — 1263
  • Decitex — 1404

Create Your Own Yarn

Take advantage of our expertise in the design of high-performance yarns. From cut or heat resistant to electrically charged yarns, Supreme will work with our customers in their development of innovative products for their specialty markets.

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