Un Insulated, Un-Bonded: YC WC3426 52T COP

16 wire copper

This Smart Yarn has sixteen highly conductive copper wires. The wires are uninsulated. This is our Apache Busbar Yarn. This yarn allows for the transfer of electricity across a fabric or product without heating up (appreciably) the fabric.  By combining with our Apache 2, 4, or 8 yarns you can target a specific resistance in a fabric or product and heat up only the area you require.

Bonded Specifications

  • Diameter — 0.01358”
  • Mm – 0.352333
  • Denier – 3389
  • Decitex – 3766
  • Resistance (Ohms) Per Meter – 0.64962

Non-Bonded Specifications

  • Diameter–0.01210”
  • Mm–0.335666
  • Denier — 3153
  •  Decitex — 3503

Create Your Own Yarn

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